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    Advice from our Stylist

    Bonus Spring Trend: Dad's Old Concert Tee

    Bonus Spring Trend: Dad's Old Concert Tee


    In the 1950s T-shirts burst into the world of casual wear, when Hollywood hunks like Marlon Brando and James Dean normalized wearing what used to be considered underwear as stand-alone garments.  Over the course of the next six decades, t-shirts became an avenue for self-expression, including causes within the world of music. Some t-shirt slogans and artwork, like the Rolling Stones plump lips with a tongue sticking out, became synonymous with rock itself.  Today, band t-shirts are sold everywhere from high fashion shops to thrift stores.

    As Father’s Day approaches, why not pay homage to your dad’s awesome taste in music by wearing one of his old shirts?  Our fathers’ generation is rife with awesome bands that set up the music culture of today.  Whether your dad is a former Dead Head or still rocking out to Depeche Mode – he’s bound to have some musical memories to share with you.

    While your Dad’s vintage AC/DC t-shirt may have some serious street cred in addition to carrying personal meaning for you, one thing it’s unlikely to do on a female body is be flattering.  T-shirts are made to flatter the wide shoulders and V-shaped backs of young men, not the various shapes of women.  Luckily, this is an easy fix.  Just as punk rock allowed an accessible and DIY spirit to the world of music, Pinterest has given the modern woman the tools to amend any t-shirt without skill.  (Insert description of what Michaela did to her t-shirt).  Our current favorite way to wear this style of t-shirt is with ripped boyfriend jeans and mule sandals.

    If you’re looking for a t-shirt with a punk-alternative style, why not check out our Fight the Good Fight muscle tee?  The slogan harkens back to the days of 1960 folk music with a social message, but the logo is decidedly modern. In addition, every t-shirt sold provides seven meals to a child in need and invests with one of our Kiva partners. 


    7 Easy Steps! 


    Step 1- What you need: Dad's old concert tee, Sandpaper (coarse), Razor blade (or scissors), Cardboard box (A flap from the top of the box works great)

    Step 2- Start by distressing the places a T-shirt would naturally wear over time- Collar, hem and sleeves. Take the sandpaper rub across the neckline until a hole appears, repeat this step on the bottom hemline and sleeves. Tip: Start with small holes, you can always make them bigger later

    Step 3- Make small holes using the razor blade, (note: the holes will get larger the more you wash and wear the shirt)

    Step 4- Use your fingers to pull apart the small holes, this will give the shirt a more natural distressed look.

    Step 5- Go over the already created holes to make larger if desired.

    Step 6- Use the razor to create randomly grouped holes around the bottom front and back of the shirt as well as the shoulders and sleeves.

    Step 7- Rock dad's old tee with pride, and feel good about recycling those old new threads! :) 


    Spring Trends Part Five: Paper Bag Waist Pants

    Spring Trends Part Five: Paper Bag Waist Pants

    The paper bag waist pant has been a runway favorite for the last couple of seasons.  It’s a menswear inspired, high-waisted pant, with gathered fabric coming out above a cinched belt.  The resulting look is carefree sophistication that speaks for itself. 

    Designers as varied as Zimmerman, known for a resort look, to Vivienne Westwood, the woman who defined punk and new wave style, have embraced the paperbag waist this spring. Westwood’s version, she calls the “Kung Fu Pant."


    The paperbag waist pant isn’t just appearing on runways, it’s made it into mainstream fashion as well.  Even The Gap is selling paperbag jeans this spring.  However, unlike The Gap, which has been called out for use of child labor in the past, Ethos Collection’s Carly Chambray Pants are made in India by Mandala Apparels – a sustainable and ethical company that is accountable and transparent with its supply chain.


    The question is, how do you wear a paperbag-waist pant without looking like an actual paper bag?  It’s not an ideal style for women who wear their weight around their midsection, because it will draw attention to the hips and stomach. But on the right body type, the ruffled waistline is balanced by the elongating effect of the pant legs. Paired with a cropped or fitted top, and tucked in to show the waistline detail, the look is polished yet easy.

    The Carly Chambray Pants are lightweight and soft, making them versatile enough to wear with something like the Sophia Poplin for work, or with the Imogen Top for a dinner with friends. For a Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market or a vineyard trip with friends, try pairing them with white sneakers, a grey t-shirt and the Tadesse Bucket Bag.

    Spring Trends Part Four: Day Time Sequins

    Spring Trends Part Four: Day Time Sequins


    Sequins: bring on the day.  Once the domain of dance costumes and spunky old ladies, this spring almost every major fashion house is displaying sequins, not as eveningwear, but as ready-to-wear daytime style.  New designers like Ashish blend sequins accents into a global vibe while tried and true classic designers like Gucci make a sequins skirt a statement piece.



    The key to sporting sparkles during the day is to balance the bling with basic.  Wear casual, simple clothing with one sequin piece.  Also, remember to keep hair and makeup natural.



    Ethos is all about making splashy trends more versatile and lasting.  Our take on this trend is the Kenna Small Chain Necklace made by Tess & Tricia.  It’s an understated gold fill chain embellished with micro gold-fill sequin charms, made by local mothers.  The simplicity of the delicate chain is the right amount of sequin for the office setting - just enough to spread some joy among spreadsheets, but not so over powering that you can’t also wear it with yoga pants.


    Spring Trends Part Three: Tassels

    Spring Trends Part Three: Tassels

    Coming out of Europe this spring we see designers like Andrew Gn in Paris and Etro in Italy exhibiting both exquisite handiwork and a wry, yet playful aesthetic through the use of tassels.
    A tassel is a combination of versatility and fun, adding a Parisian chic vibe to any outfit.  Many of the styles we’re seeing on runways this spring seem to harken back to Sienna Miller and the resurgence of bohemian fashion in the early 2000s.  Perhaps it’s this subconscious link to bohemianism and its belief in beauty and romance without limits that gives the simple tassel its appeal in 2017.

    Unlike the pom-pom fashion trend also predicted to dominate this summer, a tassel is more sophisticated.  We especially love the tassel bracelet and necklace from Liz Alig.  Alig’s jewelry is made in Haiti by a fair trade cooperative and features a black thread tassel and clay beads with brass accents.   Etro’s similar $500 tasseled beaded necklace has already sold out from several online retailers.  However, Alig’s more affordable version insures that you’re investing in not only a distinctive piece of jewelry, but you’re also investing in people’s lives.

    Spring Trends Part Two: Blush

    Spring Trends Part Two: Blush


    Pastels are everywhere this spring, featured by Chloé and Valentino in their Spring Fashion Week, but the hottest pastel of them all is a pale pink blush.  It’s a delicate and feminine color that comes in shades ranging from a nude to a pink. 




    Although for most of us, it can be difficult to pick a shade of blush that complements our skin tone without making us look washed out, blush colored accessories are the exception.

    Not only is a blush accessory easier to wear, it’s also timeless and classic. As an accessory, this faded pink acts subtly, like a neutral.  Try pairing blush accessories with navy blue, army green, or grey. It can also complete a more ethereal ivory or gold look.

    If you are searching for that perfect blush accessory, look no further than the new Pale Dogwood color in our popular handbag collection from the brand FashionABLE, a Nashville, Tennesee based B-corp that provides fair-wage jobs in leather crafting and weaving to women in Ethiopia.



    Like everything from Ethos Collection, not only will you enjoy an affordable, quality item you can use for years to come, but 3% of your purchase is invested in micro-loans to women in developing countries who are lifting themselves from the cycle of poverty.