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    Advice from our Stylist

    Dad's Old Concert Tee

    Dad's Old Concert Tee


    In the 1950s T-shirts burst into the world of casual wear, when Hollywood hunks like Marlon Brando and James Dean normalized wearing what used to be considered underwear as stand-alone garments.  Over the course of the next six decades, t-shirts became an avenue for self-expression, including causes within the world of music. Some t-shirt slogans and artwork, like the Rolling Stones plump lips with a tongue sticking out, became synonymous with rock itself.  Today, band t-shirts are sold everywhere from high fashion shops to thrift stores.

    As Father’s Day approaches, why not pay homage to your dad’s awesome taste in music by wearing one of his old shirts?  Our fathers’ generation is rife with awesome bands that set up the music culture of today.  Whether your dad is a former Dead Head or still rocking out to Depeche Mode – he’s bound to have some musical memories to share with you.

    While your Dad’s vintage AC/DC t-shirt may have some serious street cred in addition to carrying personal meaning for you, one thing it’s unlikely to do on a female body is be flattering.  T-shirts are made to flatter the wide shoulders and V-shaped backs of young men, not the various shapes of women.  Luckily, this is an easy fix.  Just as punk rock allowed an accessible and DIY spirit to the world of music, Pinterest has given the modern woman the tools to amend any t-shirt without skill.  (Insert description of what Michaela did to her t-shirt).  Our current favorite way to wear this style of t-shirt is with ripped boyfriend jeans and mule sandals.

    If you’re looking for a t-shirt with a punk-alternative style, why not check out our Fight the Good Fight muscle tee?  The slogan harkens back to the days of 1960 folk music with a social message, but the logo is decidedly modern. In addition, every t-shirt sold provides seven meals to a child in need and invests with one of our Kiva partners. 


    7 Easy Steps! 


    Step 1- What you need: Dad's old concert tee, Sandpaper (coarse), Razor blade (or scissors), Cardboard box (A flap from the top of the box works great)

    Step 2- Start by distressing the places a T-shirt would naturally wear over time- Collar, hem and sleeves. Take the sandpaper rub across the neckline until a hole appears, repeat this step on the bottom hemline and sleeves. Tip: Start with small holes, you can always make them bigger later

    Step 3- Make small holes using the razor blade, (note: the holes will get larger the more you wash and wear the shirt)

    Step 4- Use your fingers to pull apart the small holes, this will give the shirt a more natural distressed look.

    Step 5- Go over the already created holes to make larger if desired.

    Step 6- Use the razor to create randomly grouped holes around the bottom front and back of the shirt as well as the shoulders and sleeves.

    Step 7- Rock dad's old tee with pride, and feel good about recycling those old new threads! :) 


    Shopping For Your Body Type

    Shopping For Your Body Type

    You read the last blog post Timeless Closet Part 5: Dress for your Body and identified your body type, and now you're ready to rock some new clothes that compliment your shape. I've selected the best items for each body type from our current collection.  I've also added some styling tips.  Happy shopping!

    Inverted Triangle –Try our French Terry Positano Top and Alba Trouser.

    • Stylist tip: add a simple necklace that sits around the collarbone and ballet flats to create a relaxed yet polished outfit.

    Rectangle –Try our Carly Chambray Pants with Imogen Top and Socheta Silk Scarf

    • Stylist tip: tie the ends of your scarf together and wrap around your neck to create the appearance of an infinity scarf.

    Circle –Try our Kendall Shirt Dress and People Tree Black Leggings.

    • Stylist tip: add motorcycle booties and layered necklaces.


    Pear –Try our Sophia Poplin Shirt tucked into the Tyler Jersey Skirt with our Fleece Anorak Jacket.

    • Stylist tip: cinch in the sides of the jacket to define your waist.

    Hourglass –Try our Tangier Jaipur Dress, and Tigist Leather Clutch.

    • Stylist tip: add black or tan booties to complete the look.

    Timeless Closet Part 5: Dress For Your Body

    Timeless Closet Part 5: Dress For Your Body

    The final step in creating a timeless closet is knowing what looks good on your body. Knowing your body type can make all the difference when investing in quality clothes you plan to wear for years – particularly when you can’t try things on first. 

    The best way to find out your body type is to take measurements of your chest, waist, and hips to identify where your body is narrowest and widest, or take a selfie in the mirror standing up straight. 

    There are five basic body types: The inverted triangle, the rectangle, the circle, the pear and the hourglass. 

    Inverted Triangle - If your body is widest at your chest, and narrowest at your hips, you are an inverted triangle. Your best feature is likely your slender legs, but you may feel challenged by your large chest or flat butt.

    • Ideal pant: Straight or skinny leg pants
    • Ideal top: Fitted tops, rather than loose or baggy
    • What you can rock like no one else: shorts or mini skirts
    • Avoid: flare and wide-leg pants, these will make you look wider

    Rectangle – Rectangular body shapes have shoulders, waist and hips that are all about the same size. You likely have an athletic body type with a long torso and slender legs, but you may find it hard to dress your narrow hips and small butt.

    • Ideal pant: Straight leg pants, boot cut or flared
    • Ideal Top: Shirts with built in belts to create a waistline
    • What you can rock like no one else: Bold Accessories like scarves, statement necklaces, and belts. They will add dimension to your body shape.             
    • Avoid: Straight dresses. You want to add curves, not take them away.

    Circle – A waist that is wider than shoulders and hips indicates a circle shape.  Your assets are your soft, feminine shoulders, trim hips and slender legs, but you try to hide your round stomach and undefined waist.

    • Ideal pant: Pants with a high rise with the zipper on the side
    • Ideal Top: Tailored in the chest and shoulders, but not the midsection
    • What you can rock like no one else: A-line dresses
    • Avoid: Clingy fabrics

    Pear – If the widest part of your body is your hips, you are a pear. You likely have a beautifully defined waist, slender torso, along with curvy womanly hips. You may struggle to find comfortably fitting jeans or dress pants.

    • Ideal pant: Wide leg or flared
    • Ideal Top: Something catchy to draw the eye to your top. Breast pockets, big collars and patterns are your friend.
    • What you can rock like no one else: Dresses with tailored waists
    • Avoid: Skinny pants, unless pairing them with boots

    Hourglass – The hourglass shape was the coveted figure of the 1950s, with a full chest, a trim waist and curvy hips. In terms of measurements, hourglass figures tend to have chest and hip measurements that are about the same, but a waist measurement that is significantly smaller. 

    • Ideal pant: Bootcut trouser
    • Ideal Top: Fitted to your body, but not too tight
    • What you can rock like no one else: Belts! Add them to skirts, dresses and pants to accentuate your waistline
    • Avoid: Ruffles, fringe and embellishments on shirts that add bulk

    Next I will suggest a few pieces from our current collection for each body type and provide styling tips. Stay tuned!


    Timeless Closet Part 4: Add the Fun

    Timeless Closet Part 4: Add the Fun
    Now comes the fun part of creating a timeless closet – accessorizing.  Step four to creating a timeless closet is to fill in your timeless basics with fun and beautiful pieces that fit your personality.  My only rule with this step is that you choose items that make you happy.  You don’t have to follow every trend, only the ones you really love.  

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    Timeless Closet Part 3: Invest in Timeless Basics

    Timeless Closet Part 3: Invest in Timeless Basics
    Timeless. Classic. These words are the foundation of a complete wardrobe. A timeless closet is the starting point for many great outfits and is versatile enough to last year after year.  If you’ve read with us so far, you know that the first two steps to building a timeless closet are to first purge what you don’t wear and to second, alter the good pieces you have to fit better.  The third step is to invest in the core of your clothing collection.

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