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    What is Beaumont's Ethos?
    Respect, trust, loyalty, integrity and gratitude must be extended to all those sharing the world of Beaumont Organic.
    How Does Beaumont Operate?
    Beaumont focuses on operating sustainably and humanely. This means using sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, and natural leather in all of its products. Beaumont supports small factories in both Portugal and the UK that operate in secure and safe environments providing fair wages and good working conditions for its employees.
    Why Organic?
    It is ethical, responsible, and soft! Conventional cotton requires synthetic fertilizers, intensive irrigation, and highly toxic pesticides which are bad for the end consumer, the farmer, and the environmnet.  Organic cotton relies on seasonal freezes for defoliation and water management and utilizes crop rotation to build strong soil, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.

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