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    What is Indigenous's Ethos?  

     Founded by Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, Indigenous has developed fair trade partnerships with culturally diverse artisans in Peru. Indigenous strives to improve the lives of the artisans and ensure they work under safe working conditions.   

     How does Indigenous Operate?   

    Indigenous products are made of all natural fibers, including organic cotton, organic alpaca, merino wool, silk, and other fibers created by nature.  Each artisan makes a fair, living wage and Indigenous partners directly with non-governmental organizations and others that provide training, educational materials, and equipment that otherwise could not be afforded.  Indigenous also created the innovative Fair Trace Tool that utilizes a QR code on each hand tag to learn more about the origin of each garment. 

    Why Artisan Made in Peru?  

    Knitting clothes in many cultures is a time-honored tradition with significant cultural meaning.  Indigenous has developed independent apparel manufacturing partnerships that elevate knitting and hand looming artisan cooperatives in some of the poorest regions of South America, are making it possible for traditions to continue while families thrive with dignity, living outside of poverty.  

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