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    Sara Aubitz


    Ethos Collection Releases Fall Collection
    New Fall Collection to Launch Weekly through November


    Minneapolis – Oct 5, 2016 – Ethos Holdings, LLC announces that starting today, Ethos Collection™ ( is launching its fall collection that captures the brand’s timeless aesthetic and respect for the production process.  Ethos Collection will release items weekly through November and will present a feature outfit with each release.  Shoppers who buy the entire outfit featured that week will receive a gift card that can be used on their next order.


    Sara Aubitz, the company’s founder, said, “I’m excited to present new items as the seasons change.  Fall is my favorite season and I've chosen these designs for their beautiful style, comfort, and quality.  Our customers can look good while feeling good about heloping artisans around the world earn a living wage and supporting a more sustainable future for our environment.”


    Ethos Collection can be found at Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @EthosCollection.


    About Ethos Collection:  Ethos Collection is a retail website designed to be the premier source for online shoppers within the U.S. seeking to make a positive impact through beautiful clothing and accessories that are ethically and sustainably produced. Each item in the Ethos Collection was selected for its timeless design, consideration for the environment and commitment to artisan safety and fair wages.  In addition to offering an ethical assortment, Ethos Collection donates 3 percent of its sales to loans through micro-lending platform KIVA™, an international non-profit with a mission to alleviate poverty.  As these loans are repaid, Ethos Collection reinvests the principle to maximize impact.  Since launching in June, purchases from the collection have already supported loans to women in the Philippines, Mali, and Ecuador. By incorporating giving with ethical fashion, the company supports its mission to help customers love what they wear, live mindfully, and make a positive impact.