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    Ethos brings a curated assortment of clothing, accessories and jewelry selected for beautiful design and a mission to help support vulnerable populations.  Each item is sourced with high quality, organic or sustainable materials and produced through fair trade practices.

    We make the following commitments:

    We commit to treating all people with dignity and respect, fairness and compassion and creating an environment that inspires employees and patrons.

    We commit to being intentional about creating a positive social and economic impact by selecting partners, brands and investors that share this value and mission.

    We commit to being conscious of the environment and ecosystems we live in. In all we do, we are conscious of our footprint and seek products that are gentle on our planet.

    We invest in communities and individuals in need by committing a portion of our proceeds to ethical development of the global economy.

    We commit to being honest and transparent about our intent, actions, and impact. We are aware that ethical commerce is only one way of encouraging environmental and economic global sustainability.

    We provide clear information and seek any feedback that puts us closer to our mission, vision and commitments.