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    Heres a look at what the community is saying about ethos. If you would like to feature ethos collection in your publication, or have any other inquiries, please send us a note at
    Sustainably Chic | July 13th, 2017
    Ethos Collection features clothing and accessories from many of the top ethical brands {10 to be exact}, and the online shop began much like Sustainably Chic. Sara, the creator, also had that feeling of guilt - buying too much & not knowing where any of it was coming from. Were workers being treated fairly? How much waste was involved during the manufacturing process? After her travels to Peru and meeting some talented artisans using natural fibers and dye, Sara knew she wanted to help support them. Ethos Collection was the perfect answer to where Sara's heart was at - it was a platform to follow her new passions and continue the slow fashion movement. Read the full story here...

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    English Lass In LA | May 8th, 2017
    Ethos invests three percent of their revenues into Kiva, a non-profit organisation that works with microfinance institutions, providing microloans to people without access to traditional banking services.  Microloans enable people to gain their financial independence and break the poverty cycle in a dignified way.  Ethos focuses on lending to women, singles parents, and retail endeavors around the world. Read the full story here... 

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    Mpls.St.Paul Magazine | March 30th, 2017

    Ethos Collection is a new Minneapolis-based online retailer committed to ethically sourced and sustainable goods.

    “I wanted to use my skills toward giving back,” says Ethos founder Sara Aubitz, a former Target merchant. “There’s a trend toward mindfulness in every aspect of life. As we become a more global society people are more aware of how their actions impact the earth, how consumerism impacts the earth. My mission is even broader: I want to make sure we’re mindful throughout the entire supply chain.”

    As Aubitz points out, even in today’s automated world, people still make most of our clothes. Because apparel is labor intensive, the work tends to go where labor is cheapest, and where there aren’t labor laws for protection. Beyond supporting fair trade and United States manufacturing, Aubitz donates a portion of Ethos revenue to micro-lending. She’s partnered with the nonprofit Kiva to provide small loans to women and single parents in developing countries. Read the full story here...

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    Edina Businesswoman Sara Aubitz Sells Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, Sustainably Produced Fashion at Ethos Collection

    Edina Magazine | February 2017 Edition

    Sara Aubitz is an Edina homeowner and mother of two who loves her neighbors, Edina public schools, staying fit (she runs and does yoga), travel and gardening. Her employment history includes merchandising at Target and marketing at 3M. Like many of us, Aubitz also likes clothes—new clothes, special clothes. But she had a problem with shopping. And no, it might not be the problem you think

    “I went to Grinnell College in Iowa, a small liberal arts school,” Aubitz says. “That definitely shaped my awareness of social justice.” What she began to see after years in the retail industry is “the increasingly difficult conditions of many global garment workers.” Many fast fashion workers toil in poor working conditions, and clothing production has become the second most polluting industry in the world, she contends. Most of us would probably react with an “Oh, well,” but not really know how to help, and buy that pair of designer jeans on sale. Not Aubitz. Instead, in June she launched her own collection of clothing online called Ethos Collection ( Her mission is “about respect for the planet and the people within the supply chain,” she says. “It’s about providing garment workers economic empowerment.” Read full story here...

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     Ethos Collection: Respecting People. Respecting the Planet

    Narrow Collective | January 31, 2017
    Ethos Collection is the ideal curation of items from a variety of brands who share the common mission of respecting people and the planet. Ethos Collection is a place where you can find "the best of the ethical best," ESPECIALLY when searing out ethical apparel.
    Sustainably Chic | December 11th, 2016
    Ethos Collection features clothing and accessories from many of the top ethical brands, & have put together some special Gift Boxes this holiday season {love when they do the work for us!}. Any friend or family member of yours who cares how their products are made, and wants to learn more about conscious brands will thoroughly enjoy these curated boxes!! It's also a great way to teach others about their purchasing habits! Read the full story here...

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    1 Dress 3 Ways With Ethos Collection

    Leotie Lovely | November 13th, 2016

    Online there is a lot more choice, but still very few options which fulfil that Asos or Urban Outfitters one-stop-shopping type experience. Ethos Collection, however, is one which is quickly filling that space, offering a variety of fashionable clothing made ethically and ecologically from brands I both trust and wish to obtain, like People Tree, Liz Alig, Beaumont Organic, Synergy Organic, Indigenous, and Half United. The shop shares the story of each brand page, allowing you to droll politely over the clothing / accessories and self educate. Read the full story here...

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    The Moral Wardrobe: Menswear-Inspired with Ethos Collection's Versatile LBD

    Style Wise | October 27th, 2016

    Sara, founder of Ethos Collection, is determined to get it right when it comes to curating ethical brands. And in a market that's increasingly crowded with a whole bunch of stuff - some good, some bad, some ugly - claiming to be "ethical," I find the clean layout and aesthetic extremely refreshing, especially as I continue to work on decluttering my house, my office, and my stylistic point of view this season. Ethos Collection is also the only domestic boutique that carries People Tree, which means Americans now (finally) have access to VAT free, hassle free fair trade goods from the hugely influential brand. Read the full story here...

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    Ethical Workwear from Ethos Collection

    Life + Style + Justice | October 18th, 2017

    I'm always thrilled to meet business owners in my area who promote ethical fashion (there's a growing number here, though we aren't quite LA or NYC!), so I was excited to connect with Sara, owner of the new online boutique Ethos Collection. Ethos Collection brings the best of ethical fashion to one, well-curated shop: easy to wear pieces that are classic, comfortable, and neutral. Ethos Collection is a one-stop-shop for the basics you'll need to start building an ethical wardrobe! Read the full story here...

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