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    I used to have a love-hate relationship with clothing. I loved new clothes, special clothes, nice clothes. But I hated the guilt. Whether it was guilt about spending money on something I didn’t really need, or guilt about supporting an industry that teaches us we need to be beautiful. I felt even worse when I learned that the fast fashion industry damages the environment and exploits garment workers. I didn’t want anyone else to suffer because I bought a new outfit.


    Then, on a trip to a small village in Peru in 2015, I met a group of women practicing an ancient tradition of weaving, utilizing all natural fibers and dyes. Their product was incredible--it was beautiful, the quality was amazing, and their methods were gentle on the environment. I wanted to support their ability to continue these traditions and earn a living wage.


    When I returned home and started researching how to support artisans like the Peruvian women, I discovered that there are already designers and brands creating beautiful, timeless designs without exploiting people and our planet. These brands partner with artisans to provide an alternative to low-quality fast fashion. What bloomed from my new awareness and passion for ethical fashion, combined with years of experience in retail, was Ethos Collection. Fredrick Buechner says that, “Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world's deep need.”


    I’ve come to accept and embrace that caring about how we look isn’t always about vanity, it can be about nurturing health and wellness and incorporating creativity and self-expression into our lives in small ways every day.  It can also be purposeful with regard to how we approach what we wear, specifically investing in quality, timeless pieces that we love and are mindful of the planet, as well as enabling others secure economic independence. 


    Ethos Collection focuses on living wages, and ecologically responsible clothing. Our commitment is to curate the best items from a variety of brands. We have researched countless companies and have only selected designers and labels with a common mission to respect people and the planet.  We have also reviewed the quality of material and artisanship of each brand carried by Ethos Collection.  You can feel confident that we handpick the most beautiful, timeless products. You are scanning the best of the ethical best.